Freedom and The Single Pinoy

Freedom to do what we want, when we want, and how we want! Yeah!

You know, for the longest time, if you ask a single man what he likes about being single, the universal response usually is… FREEDOM! Yeah, baby! That’s our second favorite “F” word right there. However, several cases of beer and and many, many sexless nights after, we get to the point where we ask ourselves: “Freedom from what?”

Good question. Uh…OK… Wrack male brain for answers. Good answers. Answers that justify our existence. Well, for starters, single men are free to go anywhere they want. No need to make paalam from our kumanders unlike our taken guy friends. Kaya nga TAKEN ang tawag sa kanila di ba? Kasi parang hostage? Anyway, I digress. To continue, we also have the freedom to choose the lifestyle we want. The freedom to be with every hot chick we desire. The freedom to not replace our underwear with garters that hardly have the strength to hug our waists anymore. The freedom from panties and bras hanging to dry in the bathroom! The freedom to be with the barkada whenever and wherever! Most importantly, the freedom to play DOTA or whatever it is we want to play with!

However, as much as we enjoy these freedoms, we unfortunately tend to sabotage ourselves. Why? Because we like women, dammit! Sometimes, we even love them! We can’t live with them, but can’t live without them. Women – they’re our very own private heaven and hell here on earth. Oh well.

Anyway, welcome to my world. Just call me The Single Pinoy.


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